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SLO Cooker System

Did you know?

Our SLO Cookerextraction system employs several different synchronistic and synergistic CO2-driven processes for synthesizing polar and non-polar extracts from plants, foods, alcoholic beverages, subcritical water extractants, and environmental samples, as well as other liquids, solids, pastes, and slurries. 

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SLO Cooker™ Tech Spec

The SLO Cooker™ natural product extraction system uses patents-pending Smart Technology™ for producing healthful (and flavorful) full-spectrum extracts from plants for use in foods, beverages, tinctures, or vapes. The SLO Cooker™ system uses Liquid CO2 which is a better extraction solvent than supercritical CO2. Liquid CO2 is superior in terms of higher solvent power, solvent capacity, and extraction speed.

  • Licensable and Engineer-to-Application Natural Product Extraction Systems
  • Pure Liquid CO2 and Infused Liquid CO2
  • Alcoholic Beverage Extract Infusion
  • Herb-Spice Extract Additive Infusion
  • Standard Capacities: 2.5 to 25 liters
  • CO2 Recycle-in-Place and Extract Recovery
  • Siemens PLC/HMI Automation
  • Analytical Chemical System Option